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Really nice of you to visit us online. Have a look around, get in touch if you have any questions, or visit us in Morecambe - the kettle is usually on.


Nobody tried to fix us, and nobody said, Oh, you've got to be like this…. and I am just so glad because that acceptance has made it so much easier for me to hear God and to trust that - to know that what I'm hearing is actually God's voice.


 It's fantastic to come to a church, where I can be a heretic amongst other heretics. I find that, we're all heretics because none of us actually got the truth, and we're actually on a journey of trying to find out what is the truth.


I started at MCC in 2003, the people, they were all so welcoming, and so loving. And I've felt at home since then - never looked back.


I've been part of lots of different churches, that call themselves community churches. And what that usually means is they are community, as long as you obey what you're told, as long as you don't stray from what's preached from the front, not very much community at all. But here, Community Church, this is my family.  This is my community, this is where I love to be with everyone.
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