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Sunday Service

10 am Prayer - 10.30 am Tea & Coffee - 11 am Service till 12ish noon

@ West End Impact, 4-10 Heysham Road, Morecambe


Extended family

That's who we are and that's how we meet too. Chats around small tables, tea & coffee, casual and relaxed.

Relevant Messages

Where we take Faith and Life seriously. We chat, we discuss, we talk and we learn.

Prayer & Worship

Time to pray and sing, time for God to speak and for us to listen, time to rest in His presence.

Sharing & Communion

We don't have a lot of traditions, but we do value our sharing & communion services.

Last Sunday of the month, there's no preacher, just open mic sharing time - for everyone and anyone to share what God has put on their heart; thoughts, prayers, poems, prayer requests and more.

and communion - simple and beautiful.

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