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Kids for Christ
Written by Admin
Saturday, 19 February 2011 00:51
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Kids for Christ!

We believe as a church that people are important to God and children are no exception.
How wonderful it would be to be able to disciple children to the age were they feel able to make a decision for Christ. How wonderful if they could walk with God their whole life.
I certainly wish I had had such teaching. When I was a child my game during a church service was to see how many minutes each thing would last to calculate when the service is over and as soon as I could leave I did. For over 10 years I never attended church! How I wish someone had shown me how exciting and full of freedom a life with Jesus can be. We want to tell children about God in such a way, that they want to learn about him.

Kids for Christ











We believe the way to do this is through fun and creativity to enable the children to realise Jesus is exciting not some boring dry repetitive story that stopped being relevant years ago. Children see through things far more quickly than adults!!!
The church needs to be real to them..

The children are encouraged to stay in the first part of our worship service on Sunday's, as we are trying to achieve a family friendly atmosphere where all are welcome!! Toys & colouring books are provided at the back. During the teaching time the children are taken out for a more age appropriate time of learning and fun.

Our kid's church mixes children of all ages. We have just finished a ten week course called Genesis to Jesus.
The children made a banner and there were plenty of songs and fun, then the whole church joined in a celebration it was a joyful event.

We believe that children need to be treated with love, that a positive attitude and
praise is the way to develop a child's spirit.

The children are a real blessing. Their joy and liveliness has been an inspiration to me and many others. They are a great asset to our church.

We are privileged not to have a crèche but a lively kid's church - join us!!!

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