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Can you prove it?
Written by Michl
Tuesday, 22 February 2011 23:22
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I've often heard people say that if God was to appear to them personally or to do something spectacular to prove himself, then they'd believe in him. The question that lies behind that statement is often �If God is so keen to be found by us, why doesn't he make himself a little more obvious. Surely, it's suggested, God could have revealed himself in a way that would have forced everyone to believe in him.

This is clearly true. If God is as Christians believe he is, if he's the God portrayed in the pages of the Bible, then he could make himself much more obvious than he chooses to. At times in the past he's performed miraculous signs and whole nations have been unable to deny his reality. Jesus claimed to be God made man and even his enemies didn't deny his supernatural powers, they simply attributed them to the Devil.

That God doesn't force himself on us suggests there's something he's more committed to than us believing that he exists. This is consistent with the message of Christianity. God isn't looking for people who'll acknowledge that he's there, he's looking for people who will turn back to him and that he can have a loving friendship with.

For those who want to know whether God's for real, there's ample evidence to see that it's much more reasonable to believe in him than not to. However, weighing the evidence requires effort on our part, we have to investigate and think it through for ourselves. The effort required to seek out whether God exists uncovers our heart attitude towards him.

Do we want to find him or is it too much trouble to check out whether or not he's for real?
God's revelation of himself to the world is gentle precisely because he doesn't seek to force himself on us. He would love to enter into a friendship with everyone, but not everyone wants to be involved with their creator.

It's been said that God's put enough evidence in the world that those who want to can easily find him. He's left enough evidence out that those who want to ignore him can also easily do so. If you're serious about finding him, the best place to start is simply to tell God that you want to find him and reading the Bible, which claims to be his autobiography.

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