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Emma Bio
Written by EmmaH
Wednesday, 27 April 2011 12:58
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EmmaName: Emma Hamilton

Occupation: Mother of 2 busy girls, volunteer at West End Impact, part of leadership team of MCC, Web based graphic design work for Weboutreach.

Family: Husband Neil and daughter Lauren 5 and Esther 3.

Favourite Food: Prawns.

Hobbies:  Art/ Music / Sewing.

Interests: I love art and cooking, i love to meet people and be on the beach.

Films and theatre especially musicals.

I love chatting with people and sharing life with them.

I love to read and to spend time with people from all backgrounds.

I like people watching.

Pet Hate: Navel gazing, selfishness especially in people that should know better and toenails!

Passion: To see people reach there full potential in life and not hold on to the past but look to what God has for them. To see people tied up with bitterness and resentment who have been hurt find new life in God. To communicate to people that god can take away anything its only there for as long as we want to hold on to it.

Gifts: Creative Communication, Shepherding and Hospitality.

Most significant experience with God:

Lots of them most recently sitting in Lancaster Royal Infirmary in January and after years of being told I could probably not have children being told the black spot on the screen was our 3 week old baby. And I know that nothing but the miraculous power of God and the faithful prayer of my church has made that happen. When I think about it I feel overwhelmed and a bit tearful.


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